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El Meridiano 0

In the 2nd century of our time, Ptolemy marked this spot of the herrenian geography as the end of the known world, tracing the geographical reference of the zero meridian. From then on, and up until the confirmation of America as a continent, El Hierro marked the finisterre of a plane world, beyond the Punta de Orchilla laid the great unknown, perhaps an abyss, where monstrous creatures laid in wait in the netherworld to devour the ships together with their crew.
“(…) The world is celebrating. And Spain is as well, given that her delegates, with profound competence in the complex questions widely debated there, have flown the national ensign very high. ” artist´s illustration (24/11/1884).
With these eloquent words the end of the herrenian zero Meridian was celebrated, these were the conclusions obtained during the 2nd International Conference in Washington where the Spanish delegates voted in favour of establishing Greenwich as universal meridian, the English power having replaced Ptolemy´s memento.

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