Casa La Jarita

C/Asomada El Pueblo,S/N
El Pinar, 38914
TF: +34 922 558 971/679 312 959

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La Jarita, humble dwelling, reflects in its architecture the range of indispensible elements of country life. The stove, FIRE, where rye bread and food were being cooked. Situated in the proximity of a ravine, whose puddles were being used for livestock, it also has a stone for hand washing, and a gutter to direct the rainwater, WATER, towards the cistern.
AIR, close to the house, is the area where the different grains were being winnowed and separated from the husks for home consumption.
EARTH, represented by the surroundings of the house, where vegetable and legumes, indispensable for the coutry life, were being cultivated.


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