Casa Juaclo

C/El Guanche, Nº4
El Pinar, 38914
TF: +34 646 734 559 / 647 728 337

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barra casas

Harmoniously combines down-to-earth traditional herrenian style with the comfort and elegance of rough material, stone, iron, cement and wood, resulting in absorbing an exquisite and peaceful atmosphere during every stay. Combined with elements of contemporary esthetics it gives your stay an ambience with a personal touch.
The farm is surrounded by a smooth-cut stone wall of three metres which flanks a gate of oxidised iron with a cedar wood-frame over it, what makes it look like a structure in the shape of a tower. The earthy colour of the building was achieved by oxidizing the cement with iron sulfate, a fertilizer which is used for the banana plantation and which encompasses a complete range of ochres, which reminds us of Sudanese architecture.