La Casa de Mis Padres

C/El Charcantón, Nº4
El Pinar, 38914
TF: +34 922 558 074

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Space and activity of the house are distributed according to the traditional procedures for the utilization of resources, both where rooms as well as domestic space is concerned. The market garden therefore offers the possibility of practicing agriculture, or the enjoyment of its fruit. The patio counts with a zone dedicated to the preparation of food with several gridirons and equipment necessary for a barbecue. The interior of the house, completely equipped, has everything to make guests feel comfortable during a pleasant stay during which you can enjoy a good read or conversation by the warmth of the fireplace.

El Ayuntamiento consigue una subvención para la redacción del proyecto del carril bici entre El Pinar y La Restinga… 1 day ago