Diving paradise

Fan Diving

C/El Varadero, Nº4
La Restinga, 38917
TF: +34 922 557 085
Web: www.el-hierro-tauchen.de 
E-Mail: fandiving@el-hierro-tauchen.de

barra casas

Jutta ... 
 always available. Find the best solution for you to come and go from El Hierro.. Whether renting a vehicle, provide an apartment or take to the airport, you will be help in almost any situation. Surely you also enjoy your presence as a diving companion.

Günter ... is wanted by simply knowing. Everyone should come to El Hierro to meet the guide and dive master with the tireless smile. Günter is monitor ** SSI Advanced Open Water Diver instructor, What is his personal goal? Make his costumers enjoy diving with the accurate security measures.

Our goal - customer satisfaction
Surely we work differently than others to achieve this goal!
Diving with fun
Carry out the wishes
Service and individual treatment
Outputs a maximum of 6 divers.