Step by Step

PR 10.1
9,6 km
El Pinar – El Pinar

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This and the Las Casas - El Morcillo trail are, technically speaking, the simplest of the trails that run through El Pinar.
The first section runs along the upper area of crops, vines and fruit trees (almond and fig trees) dominate the landscape that gradually evolves into Canarian pine forest in its course towards the recreational area of La Hoya de El Morcillo.
In February it gives us the spectacle of countless almond trees in bloom, in summer, the ripening of fruit.

Camino Tecorón

Friday, 13 January 2017 09:10

PR EH 1.1
7,1 km
Tacorón - El Pinar

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A point in the geography of the municipality is Tacorón, one of the few places with easy access to the sea on the rugged coast of El Hierro. This is a unique and privileged place to enjoy a day´s swimming and sun.
The trail leads from this location to El Pinar, from the volcanic landscape to the agricultural areas of the midlands.
The first section is dominated by the view of the Sea of calms, the volcanic landscape, the tongues of lava and recent volcanic edifices, spectacular in the area of the Hoya de los Roques where three edifices dominate the landscape reminding us of the origin of the island.
The second leads to the southern midlands, a landscape dominated by agriculture and livestock, thousands of kilometers of dry stone walls and the area of grape production for the renowned wines of El Pinar.

Camino Las Casas - El Morcillo

Friday, 13 January 2017 09:05

PR 3.1
1,9 km
Las Casas – El Morcillo

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This is technically the easiest path of those who pass by El Pinar, just 1.9 km of slight ascent between Las Casas and the recreational area of El Morcillo.
In the first part of the route the trail leaves the village to enter into an agricultural landscape dominated by fruit and vegetable crops.
The second part of the route allows us to hike under the cover of the pine forest.
This is a good alternative for a short walk round to see the woods and the area around the village.

Camino El Pinar - Sabinosa

Friday, 13 January 2017 08:57

El Pinar - Sabinosa

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This trail offers the possibility to cross El Hierro from south to north.
The first section, the most demanding, will take us from the midlands of El Pinar to the Canarian pine forest to cross the ridge of the island on its final stretch, a point where the landscape allows us to see the borough from the upper zone, allowing at the same time the view of the Gulf Valley.
In the second section it runs through the green mountain, a moisture-laden landscape where vegetation indicates that the weather in this area is different, although we have only hiked a few kilometres.

Camino El Pinar - El Golfo

Friday, 13 January 2017 08:53

9,1 km
El Pinar – El Golfo

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When the people of El Pinar moved to El Valle de El Golfo to perform farm work they used this trail which fell into disuse as the move itself.
The trail has two sectors relative to its degree of difficulty:
First, a continuous climb toward the summit through crop fields in the upper area of El Pinar, entering the Canary pine forest evolving into heathland as we ascend.
Secondly: descent into the lower area of the Valley of El Golfo, where we gradually abandon the dense bush to meet with a landscape dominated by agricultural land, mainly vine.
This path allows us to contemplate on our way the different aspects of the El Hierro hillsides while reaching the highest point of the island.

Camino de Los Pastores

Thursday, 12 January 2017 19:45

PR 10
16,4 km
El Pinar – La Dehesa

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When farming was the basis of the economy of El Pinar, this trail was the route that connected the traditional village with the village of La Dehesa and its winter pastures.
The trail runs parallel to the coastline and on an average altitude of 800 meters in order to circumvent the ravines of El Julan, counts with hardly one section of slope on the hillside of Rodrigo and then begins a slight descent to the chapel of Nuestra Señora de Los Reyes.
On the way we easily find traces of pastoral life of El Hierro´s past, not so distant in time, like cave dwellings, springs or wells, all in a landscape that goes from the dense canary pine forest to the semi desert of El Julan and La Dehesa, besides offering the possibility to see the full breadth of the southwestern hillside of El Hierro.

Camino de Las Playas

Thursday, 12 January 2017 19:39

13,5 km
El Pinar - Isora - El Pinar

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This is one of the most demanding trails of El Hierro, and there is no easy way, it is what is known as a leg breaker, and is only recommended for those whose physical condition is good.
The route offers spectacular scenery dominated by the line of Las Playas, a large scar on El Hierro´s geography.
The first part is simple, with a slight slope along the eastern edge of the mountain to get into the region of Asofa in direction of Isora, with a predominantly agricultural landscape and livestock.
On the second section the Mirador de Isora indicates our arrival, and allows us to see Las Playas in its full extent and magnitude, revealing to us the long stretch of the downhill treck to Las Playas and the hard climb towards El Pinar.

Camino de La Virgen

Thursday, 12 January 2017 19:36

GR 131
37,37 km
Orchilla - El Tamaduste

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This trail crosses El Hierro from west to east, mostly along the route of the Bajada de la Virgen de los Reyes, patroness of the island, which is held every four years.
The road has two distinct stages for its orology:
The first is a continuous ascent from the Orchilla Lighthouse, in the westernmost part of Europe and the End of the World in the old times marked by the Zero Meridian, and ends on the roof of the island, Malpaso (1.501m). In its course we find places like the Hermitage of the Kings, el Cres or Binto.
The second allows us to see the full extent of the island, changing the angle of our view, we can see the Gulf Valley, or Nisdafe and El Julan. From Malpaso it leads downwards, first to the Kings Cross and then continuing towards central Nisdafe, Tiñor, Valverde and Tamaduste.

Camino de La Restinga

Thursday, 12 January 2017 19:33

7,5 km
La Restinga - El Pinar

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This trail connects the towns of La Restinga and El Pinar being the connecting path used until the construction of the road in the 70's.
The route leads upwards, so that in the 7.5 km we pass from sea level to 850m above sea level, from the coast to the central plains in just a few hours.
It allows us to get to know the area known as La Costa, of agricultural use and livestock breeding, which offers a predominantly volcanic landscape where the hand of man is present in some buildings, but especially in the thousands of kilometers of dry stonewalls defining properties and keeping away cattle from the fruit trees.