Step by Step

Camino Tecorón

PR EH 1.1
7,1 km
Tacorón - El Pinar

barra senderos

A point in the geography of the municipality is Tacorón, one of the few places with easy access to the sea on the rugged coast of El Hierro. This is a unique and privileged place to enjoy a day´s swimming and sun.
The trail leads from this location to El Pinar, from the volcanic landscape to the agricultural areas of the midlands.
The first section is dominated by the view of the Sea of calms, the volcanic landscape, the tongues of lava and recent volcanic edifices, spectacular in the area of the Hoya de los Roques where three edifices dominate the landscape reminding us of the origin of the island.
The second leads to the southern midlands, a landscape dominated by agriculture and livestock, thousands of kilometers of dry stone walls and the area of grape production for the renowned wines of El Pinar.