Step by Step

Camino de Los Pastores

PR 10
16,4 km
El Pinar – La Dehesa

barra senderos

When farming was the basis of the economy of El Pinar, this trail was the route that connected the traditional village with the village of La Dehesa and its winter pastures.
The trail runs parallel to the coastline and on an average altitude of 800 meters in order to circumvent the ravines of El Julan, counts with hardly one section of slope on the hillside of Rodrigo and then begins a slight descent to the chapel of Nuestra Señora de Los Reyes.
On the way we easily find traces of pastoral life of El Hierro´s past, not so distant in time, like cave dwellings, springs or wells, all in a landscape that goes from the dense canary pine forest to the semi desert of El Julan and La Dehesa, besides offering the possibility to see the full breadth of the southwestern hillside of El Hierro.