Step by Step

Camino de Las Playas

13,5 km
El Pinar - Isora - El Pinar

barra senderos

This is one of the most demanding trails of El Hierro, and there is no easy way, it is what is known as a leg breaker, and is only recommended for those whose physical condition is good.
The route offers spectacular scenery dominated by the line of Las Playas, a large scar on El Hierro´s geography.
The first part is simple, with a slight slope along the eastern edge of the mountain to get into the region of Asofa in direction of Isora, with a predominantly agricultural landscape and livestock.
On the second section the Mirador de Isora indicates our arrival, and allows us to see Las Playas in its full extent and magnitude, revealing to us the long stretch of the downhill treck to Las Playas and the hard climb towards El Pinar.