Step by Step

Camino de La Virgen

GR 131
37,37 km
Orchilla - El Tamaduste

barra senderos

This trail crosses El Hierro from west to east, mostly along the route of the Bajada de la Virgen de los Reyes, patroness of the island, which is held every four years.
The road has two distinct stages for its orology:
The first is a continuous ascent from the Orchilla Lighthouse, in the westernmost part of Europe and the End of the World in the old times marked by the Zero Meridian, and ends on the roof of the island, Malpaso (1.501m). In its course we find places like the Hermitage of the Kings, el Cres or Binto.
The second allows us to see the full extent of the island, changing the angle of our view, we can see the Gulf Valley, or Nisdafe and El Julan. From Malpaso it leads downwards, first to the Kings Cross and then continuing towards central Nisdafe, Tiñor, Valverde and Tamaduste.